Stock headcovers: A serious epidemic that requires immediate attention

Nov, 2022

Recently, Rog and JR took me to New Jersey to play at legendary golf courses. The good news and the bad news were both there when I arrived. It’s good to know that neither of them had sun sleeves, iron covers or gloves on. They both had stock headcovers, which is a serious faux pas.

Stock headcovers are, in fact, the new pandemic. They deserve our attention. Immediately. As with my friends, I’m here to help.

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The Big Dog

Junior, an ex-fratboy, will want you to bomb the market if you are like him.

Personal use of a Dormie Work Shop Tampa Bay Lightening cover (supporting fellow Nova Scotians). The thing is made of genuine leather and custom-made to order. It also shows that I’m a hockey savant (cost $110)

My cousin Connor is a former college baseball player who has ball speed in the 170s and never played any corporate golf. He keeps it light on his driver’s choice to represent “Straight Outta Bounds”, by U Suck At Golf. He rips it. Otherwise, the White Claws he drinks might be embarrassing.

Brandon is my friend. Brandon showed up in Florida in January with more stock covers than good shots. This setup was his best round yet, scoring 81 points.

Fairway woods/hybrids

You can use the fairway wood or hybrid to represent your home course, or a course you visited recently on a vacation. A cover from The Country Club, Brookline, Massachusetts is a great choice. Anything from Cabot Links or Stream Song will impress.

If you aren’t sure, there are tons of courses that stock Am&E. I have found them to be a great deal and top-notch workmanship.

Putter Cover

This is the only place where you shouldn’t compromise. It is essential to have a top-quality putter cover. You should budget at least $40 for this area and be prepared to settle for around $100.

The Bettinardi “Monopoly”, the most popular product on the market, is currently the best. They retailed for $150. They are all made in-house from various types of leather.

Below are more Bettinardi covers

It is obvious that Scotty Cameron remains the gold standard. Circle Ts (tour only) can cost upwards of $500. For $150, a fancier non-circle T is available.

Cayce Golf might be a good choice. Their Major Menu and Chubbs are favorites of mine. You can’t go wrong if youre a terrible putter with the sh*t/f@ck cover or dumpster fire.

Tell me about your GolfWRXers setup.

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