“Stupidest s**t that I have ever heard” – Pat Perez blasts Tiger Woods in LIV comments

By Fly Pin High |
November 14, 2022

Pat Perez, who finished eighth on the end of season LIV rankings lists, has been taking on big names.

GolfWRX covered Perez’s rant against Phil Mickelson last week. The 46-year old told Subar podcast that “I can’t forgive him [Mickelson]”, despite not disclosing the whole story.

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Perez chose Tiger Woods this time, who is considered by many to be the greatest player of all time.

The Son of a Butch podcast was hosted by Claude Harmon. It featured questions from Butch, Tiger Woods’ long-term coach and son, about comments made during the 150th Open Championship.

Woods has maintained an anti-LIV position despite being offered $700 million to join Greg Norman’s series.

“I don’t think this is a long-term positive. It would be sad for some of these children to never have the chance to visit these beautiful grounds and to play in these majors em>

He also questioned why the PGA Tour players were working so hard.

What are these players doing to earn guaranteed money? What incentive is there to practice? What incentive is there to get out there and work in the dirt?

Perez doesn’t want it.

Perez, who earned $7 million from his $8 million series total by being a member Dustin Johnson’s dominant 4Aces GC Team, was clearly not impressed by the suggestion that LIV players get nothing.

Perez said, “That’s probably the dumbest s*** that I’ve ever heard of in all my life .”

He continued:

“That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard him say. Last place is 120,000 and first place is four millions. This is an incentive. Four million is not possible on the PGA Tour.

You might be able to get the perks next year. Last time I checked, he had a $40million contract right out of college and was flying on the Nike plane. He found an incentive. He could have stopped it right away.”


“He was a man with a lot of guarantees. He was the hottest thing, you know? He made so much money from the course that he felt motivated to take .”

Then he indicated that Woods didn’t support smaller events.

“But, again, he only participated in how many tournaments. He didn’t attend — I never saw John Deere and never saw him support all these events. He was a player in the majors. He also played in the WGCs. That was it. He was a Torrey player. He never played Riv [Riviera].

Woods’ records show that he has played the Riviera Nissan Open eight times and the Genesis Open (again at Californian track) three more times.

Perez, despite all this, found the time to give Perez a compliment.

He’s worth every penny. He’s actually two billions short of his potential, as I stated.

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