Surprising attack by PGA Tour pros: Rory McIlroy is called a ‘crybaby’ by Rory McIlroy

Oct, 2022

Rory McIlroy, who had spoken out to the media to express his feelings of being ‘betrayed by’ his teammates after they moved to LIV, was followed by a number of others named in recent months.

, the world number one reported on GolfWRX last Wednesday that he didn’t get why so many people would make this move.

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“Graeme McDowell had a great chance to be Adare’s captain in 2027. Sergio’s legacy, like Poulter or Westwood, is largely Ryder Cup-based. I’d like to believe that the Ryder Cup is as important to them as it is to me. It might. But I know the potential consequences and could not make that decision .”

It might not be certain, but it could be the outcome. This is not a move that I would make. They felt the same .”

Garcia responded this week, saying that even though he scored 28 1/2 points for Europe during a stellar Ryder Cup season, he believes he made the right choice.

“I can only speak for me, but I know that I made the right decision. I feel that I am exactly where I want to go. Although I was aware of some things that could happen if I joined this team, you can see that some guys on the opposite side don’t want me there. I don’t want be a burden, and even less in the Ryder Cup. I would rather not be there. It will make Europe less likely to lose than me. The three or four other guys who are going to go there are going be upset.

Ian Poulter is known as “The Postman” for his uncanny ability to deliver European points when necessary. He also responded in defense, questioning McIlroy’s claims.

“Betrayal? “Betrayal?”

Poulter’s singles record is just six wins and one loss in seven Ryder Cups. I don’t believe that should be in question .”

Charlie Beljan, a former PGA Tour winner, made the most snarky and petty comment. He took to’s Facebook page to call , the 33-year old four-time major champion, “The biggest crybaby for sure.”

It is not clear whether the name calling from the world number 2815 bothered him, but it does show how much the world’s top athletes care about what is being said.

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