Swag prototype putters spotted at the Wells Fargo 2023 Championship

By Fly Pin High |
May 5, 2023

Swag is not the oldest putter maker, but it’s one of the most innovative. Their milled putters are fantastic and they have limited editions and accessories that are difficult to find. Recent professional tours have seen them more, which proves that they are high-performance flatsticks.

Nick Hardy, a recent PGA Tour winner, has been a Swag Ambassador since the start of the year. We got some photos in-hand of a prototype Swag built for Nick. Nate Brown, Swag Tour Operations Manager told me that the prototype is a hybrid of Swag retail putters Handsome One and Handsome Two. The prototype is a bit wider from front to back, and the hosel position and length have been adjusted to achieve the toe hang Hardy wants. The topline has been thickened and the flange is aligned with a single line. You can see the step on Hardy’s flange if you look closely. Swag prides itself in milling smooth flanges to give a clean appearance.

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A Swag Handsome 2, which had a unique finishing on the putting-green, was also prototyped. Nate Brown gave me some information on the reasons why this putter was created with a black face, cavity and a portion of the flange. Contrasting colors can help players align and set up their putters, helping them to make sure they are square to the target. The Cerakote coating is used on both the black and the white sections. It’s a thin, durable ceramic coating. Nathan said that Cerakote was great, but it had to be applied in thin layers to avoid dulling the feel of the stick. The photos do not show the details, but you can see Swag’s dual fly milling if you hold the putter.

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