Tests by Members: Adidas ZG23 Golf Shoe Review and ULTIMATE365 Line

Aug, 2023

Adidas’ ZG23 Golf Shoes are designed to provide tournament-level performance within a lightweight shoe. ZG23 golf shoes feature a hybrid Lightstrike middlesole, a waterproof upper and a Traxion six-cleat outsole to provide all-day stability and comfort.

Ultimate365 is a clothing line designed for all-year play and performance. It features innovative materials, a dynamic appearance made partly from recycled materials and an innovative look.

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GolfWRX members were able to test the ZG23 as well as items from the Ultimate365 tour line.

Below, you can read what the participants had to say.

GolfWRX Members on the Adidas ZG23 Golf Shoe

Minarets “The ZG23 are very comfortable on first wearing. They are lighter and cushioned better than I expected. I had already assumed they would be light (compared with the 360 boost). These look fantastic to me. I have a pair of all-white golf shoes (I love white golf shoes). I think they are better than ZG21. The lightstrike gear I was not sure about. It’s comfortable. I own a lot of spiked and non-spiked shoes and prefer to use spikes in wet weather. These grips are great when wet. I used them yesterday after it rained. “The waterproof properties worked great.”

balladm “These new ZG23 sneakers are comfortable right out of the box. They were more stable than my Footjoy Tarlows and I practiced in them 2 days ago. It felt as if my feet were glued to the ground, and I had physically to force myself to push my weight through the balls. It may have improved my ball striking or it’s all mental at this stage”

The spikes/base are extremely stable, and they clinch to the turf. These shoes (13.8 oz) are perfect for walking and much lighter than my Footjoys. The shoes were waterproof, and my feet stayed dry. After putting on new socks, I forgot about the heel part. After one round, I love my new shoes. If you’re looking for new spiked shoes, these could be the best available, especially for walking.”

Scottaz: “After my first round with the 23’s this morning, I can’t really find any flaws.” They are simple, clean, and work well. I brought a second pair in case there were any problems. After the second hole, I had forgotten I was wearing a new pair of shoes. These shoes are extremely comfortable. The toe box fits perfectly. I felt my heels were locked in. They look smaller and less bulky than other shoes. The conditions were wet, but I never slipped. After the round, my socks were still dry.

Planters fasciitis has been bothering my left foot since the last few months. It usually starts around the 12th or thirteenth hole. I didn’t feel it until after the round and as I was driving home.

There’s just one round, and we’ll have to see what happens. But I’m impressed. There’s not much I don’t like, but they do collect grass more than usual. The laces on these shoes are a bit long. Minor issues. I would not mention them if I didn’t want to find something negative. “Great start.”

Red4282 : “My first impression when I received the package was ….is it really golf shoes here? The box was very light! The shoes are extremely light but when you try them on, they feel like they have no compromise in terms of stability. I ordered a size 12.5, using the Adidas website’s size chart. The fit is a little tight. “I wear 13s for most brands and I think I should have got 13s, but I should be fine after a little breaking in.”

bellken “The shoe performed well. The shoes had great traction and cushioning which I noticed in the cart path. My feet also felt good afterwards, no blisters or other foot problems. After the round, the shoes were cleaned well. The uppers of the shoes are clean, although the cleats look a little dirty.

Bellken: “Round three for the ZG23 saw freshly mowed, wet grass and they still cleaned up nicely.”

WRXers Review the Adidas ULTIMATE365 Line

scottaz : “I chose the Ultimate 365 Tour Heat.RDY t-shirt. It is a very athletic fit, with shorter sleeves and tighter in the right places. I prefer a shirt that fits tighter for golf. I don’t want it to move around when swinging. It’s a very unique shirt, but I think it will handle sweat well. “A very clean, sharp-looking shirt that fits perfectly.”

I also received a pair Ultimate365 tapered trousers, long fit. I already had these pants in all colors except the olive green I received today. I knew they would fit perfectly. I have a waist between 32-33″, but I go up to a 34″ for more room at the thighs. These pants are a little tight around the thighs, but they stretch out and I love them.”

“I wore a Tour Heat.RDY shirt. My three friends’ shirts were wet by the time they reached the turn. It was humid. “I was also sweating, but my shirt remained dry and comfortable.”

Minarets “Feels like most of my performance shirts by Peter Millar, RLX, and Stitch. I think the size is slightly off. “I knew it was a large size, but I believe it is more true to fit.”

bellken I felt a little sweat on my back but never got too hot. The shirt dried quickly after the round and was comfortable. “The only strange thing I noticed was that my left sleeve had flipped up several times.”

The shorts were comfortable and had a little stretch. It was easy to notice the 8.5-inch inseam when seated, but that’s because most of my other shorts are longer – usually 9” or 10. “I don’t know if I have a favorite, but the longer inseams were in style when I purchased my other shorts.”

Red4282 “I am pleasantly surprised by this shirt!” At first, I was worried that it might be too short and I would have trouble untucking it. The 4 way stretch and the tacky material in the waistband kept everything in place. The material was cool, thin and comfortable. It’s right up there with Peter Millar as one of my favorite. It has a more athletic fit, especially around the shoulders and arms. It is a good middle ground in terms of style. The print adds a little flare, but is not as loud as some prints. “I think that at $70 it’s a no-brainer, especially since some of these polos cost $90-$110.”

The shorts are probably my favourite item I’m testing. The fit is perfect. They are comfortable and stylish. They are comfortable and look good. I’m not sure I would pay $70 for them but if they were on sale I might. Hell, maybe I would. “I really like them.”

balladm “I bought the Ultimate 365 Tapered trousers in Arctic Night, and Ultimate 365 Allover Print shirts in Blue Fusion. The shirt is amazing. It is stretchy, lightweight and breathable. It is lighter than the Peter Millar Summer Comfort shirts. This shirt kept me dry for 18 holes on the course this morning. Just look at my buddy’s shirt. Please see the below before and after photos (the other guy also rode a cart). Today, the heat index in Augusta was over 100*.

The Ultimate 365 Tapered Pants are nice and lightweight. As it’s the norm, I wear golf clothes to work everyday at a major golf car manufacturing company in Augusta. These pants are perfect for me and I can wear them from the office straight to the golf course in the late afternoon. The Arctic Night is a more teal-colored color than I expected. I thought it was closer to navy. I’ll wear them to work this week, and give a full review of these pants.


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