The best cold weather gear for women in 2022: Jackets, sweaters, and other tops

Oct, 2022

Nothing is better than a cold winter morning. Even better is when the cold silence is punctuated by a tee-shot that runs right down the fairway.

You don’t have to put away your clubs until March just because the temperatures are dropping. Golfweek can help you extend your golf season into the winter months.

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Here are some ways to survive the cold without succumbing to the “offseason”. To stay warm during the inevitable frost delays, you might need Irish Coffee. You can choose to push a cart if it is not breezy. Your body will keep warm once your heart rate increases. It will be more difficult to compress the golf balls when it is colder than it is when it’s warmer.

You can also check out our men’s cold weather tops or cold weather pants lists if you are already doing holiday shopping.

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