The coolest item for sale in the GolfWRX classifieds (3/2/23) is 2023 Cobra King CB Irons

Mar, 2023

GolfWRX is a group of like-minded people who all enjoy the game and share their enjoyment.

It is this sense of community that drives the day-to-day interactions on the forums about topics such as best driver or what marker to use to mark your balls. This allows us to exchange another love: buying and selling equipment.

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A listing is currently available in the GolfWRX buy/sell/trade forum for a set 2023 Cobra King CB Irons.

@michaela688 sold the following: “2023 Cobra King B Irons. 4-GW with 8 irons PX LZ6.0 shafts TrueSpec golf. Length is +0.25, length is 1.5 (spec sheet below). Shafts pured. Lamkin UTX middle grips. Only the 5, 7, GW, and PW have been hit in 2 range sessions. Rest of the irons remain unhit. It’s like new. Set is like new.

You can view the complete listing in our BST forum by clicking the link: 2023 Cobra King Irons

This is the BST , most recent listing. You can also check out the rules for participating in the BST Forum here: GolfWRX BST Guidelines

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