The coolest item in the GolfWRX Classifieds (3/3/23) is the Wilson Staf Recoil Model 95 F4 Matte finish Irons

Mar, 2023

GolfWRX is a group of like-minded people who all enjoy the game and share their enjoyment.

It is this sense of community that drives the day-to-day interactions on the forums about topics that span from best driver to which marker to use to mark your balls. This allows us to exchange another love: buying and selling equipment.

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A set of Wilson Staff Recoil Staff Model 95F4 Matte finish irons is currently being offered for sale in the GolfWRX sell/trade (BST).

The seller (@llewol007) said: “Up for Sale is a beautiful set irons with Bigfoot status shafts. Wilson Staff ProModels will improve your game and make misses easier. This model is a great choice to improve your game. It has a consistent dispersion and great feel. These shafts come with Mamiya Recoil 95 F4 (stiff), shafts in Matte Black! You are correct. These prototypes are rare. The set is made up of 3Pw, 5 Irons measuring in at 38 1/4 inches and comes with Multicompound Black/Black standard with 3 wraps. Standard lie at 2 degrees with lofts. The PW has a dimple at the bottom of the face due to a hidden pebble. It does not affect play. This set is stunning and does not need any introduction. The shafts are well worth the admission price. Get this entire set for $645 via Fedex. For any questions, please PM. !”

You can view the complete listing on our BST forum by clicking the link: Wilson Recoil Staff Model95 F4 Matte Finish Irons

This is the BST , most recent listing. You can also check out the rules for participating in the BST Forum here: GolfWRX BST Guidelines

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