The Top Golf Challenge “Blue Flag”: Can you score 5-for-5 starting at 155 yards?

Oct, 2022

On Monday night, I was out to dinner when a bet was made.

Rob Taptich, who is the Director of Operations at 2nd Swing Golf Scottsdale, forecasted that I wouldn’t be hitting for the Blue Flag at Top Golf Scottsdale with the Top Golf range balls and the stock Top Golf clubs.

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Although I don’t condone gambling I am not one to give up on a bet. We made the short trip to Top Golf in Scottsdale, Arizona to settle the dispute.

The Blue Flag at Top Golf was located at 155 yards from our area of teeing. I chose a 9 iron as my weapon (which was equipped w/ a “Light Flex”) shaft. You can see the entire thing in the video below.

@golfwrx Andrew Tursky, a @pgatour equipment journalist from GolfWRX, challenged Rob Taptich to a $500 bet that Andrew Tursky couldn’t hit 5-for-5 shots on Top Golf’s blue ball (155 yards) Here’s the result… #golf#golftiktok #challenge #4golfwrx?refer=embed” target=”_blank” title=”@golfwrx”>@golfwrx/a> @2nd Swing Golf’s Rob Taptich challenged Andrew Tursky, @pgatour equipment reporter to a $500 bet that he couldn’t hit 5-for-5 shots at Top Golf’s blue flag (155 yards). Original sound by golfwrx

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