The Wedge Guy: Do you really want to improve your game of golf?

Mar, 2023

Golf is a difficult game to master, and one of the most difficult. Let’s use this definition of “proficiency” to help us understand the concept. It is the ability to move the ball around the course efficiently and consistently enough that you shoot 90 or better. Your goals may be lower. Based on my research into different golfer communities, I believe that you play to a 5- to 16 handicap.

It is difficult to write for such diverse audiences, but I will do my best to make this post a success and ask the two basic questions to each one of you:

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“How important does it matter to you to improve your golf game?”

If No. If the answer to No.

“What are your plans to make things better?”

Being a lifetime golfer and a student of the game, I have been able to watch and learn from all levels of golfers as they attempt to master this complex game. It amazes me how many golfers spend thousands of dollars on equipment, but don’t take responsibility for changing the fundamental things that will improve their abilities.

As a marketer and designer of golf clubs, I know there are many ways to improve your efficiency. You will not be able to optimize your performance with outdated and poorly-fitting golf clubs, no matter your skill level. Poor fundamentals in how you move a golf ball about three to four miles in the shortest time can’t be replaced by better equipment. The fundamentals of hitting a golf ball are the same as those used in golf club technology.

You must identify where you’re losing the most shots and work on improving your game. Spend your time improving your putting and greenside scoring skills, rather than trying to beat balls at the range. If you want to improve your approach shots and play with long clubs, then you must focus on the fundamentals of your golf swing. I have observed that many golfers, of all levels, are lacking in fundamentals. This includes the grip, set-up, and swing motion.

It amazes me how many golfers try to play the game with a poor grip on the club. Bad gripping the club is a no-no. A sound and fundamental grip on the club is the best way to ensure a good golf swing. It’s also one of two aspects of the golf swing that requires no physical skill. You don’t need any special skills to learn how to hold the golf club correctly.

You can choose to hold the golf club in either an overlap, interlock, or full-finger grip. The upper portion of your grip must be under the pad of your upper hand. It should also be held closer to the palms of both hands than the palms. Your palms should align so that the “Vs” formed by your thumb or forefinger point in the same direction. The grip should allow for a comfortable swing by allowing wrist movement.

It is a fact that every professional golfer has a solid grip on the club. If you want to improve your golf game, learn how to properly hold the club.

It takes no athletic ability to learn how the correct posture is set up to create a good golf swing. Even though this is less personal than the grip, there is only one way to set up a golf ball in order to make a great swing. This is the most basic principle that you’ll see in LPGA and PGA golf. You will be able to play better golf if you study the set-ups of these players.

It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, improving your grip and setting up your game will make golf much more enjoyable.

However, regardless of what type of change you want to make, it is important to be open to learning and willing to take the painstaking learning process. Sometimes you will have to get worse before you can get better permanently.

Again, the question is “Do you really want better golf?”

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