This is the greatest amateur golf event that you have ever seen. You should expect fireworks at the second East West Matches.

Nov, 2022

This weekend, Nov. 6-8, will see the second round of the East West Matches. The East West Matches, a new amateur golf event, is perhaps the most exciting you have ever heard of.

Two-time USGA champion Scott Harvey is the brains behind the East West Matches. This event brings together some of the most talented amateurs, senior amateurs, and mid-ams in America. The Ryder Cup-style event features two amateur players, six senior amateurs and 10 mid-amateur players per side.

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The matches will be held at Maridoe Golf Club, Carrollton, Texas. This is where the West won the inaugural Cup in 2020. Patrick Christovich, who won the West’s winning half-point, is back to defend the title.

The 2005 U.S. Mid-Am champion Kevin Marsh is the West’s captain. He has a lot of experience in managing pressure. The West has a returning crew of Skip Berkmeyer and Derek Busby, Brad Nurski, Patrick Christovich and Brad Nurski. This crew was an integral part of the West’s massive 23-22 victory back in 2020.

The West also has two amateur golfers ranked within the top 110 of the World Amateur Golf Rankings. Arizona State’s Luke Potter and Pepperdine’s Derek Hitchner are Nos. WAGR ranks 38 and 105, respectively. These two will give energy to their senior-am and mid-am colleagues.

The West celebrates its 23-22 victory over the East at the inaugural East West Matches 2020 at Maridoe Golf Club, Carrollton.

There’s a feeling of redemption and hunger on the East side. Five players from the 2020 East team are also being returned to the East. Maridoe was left empty-handed after a murderer’s row, which saw a total of 15-4-1 among amateur golfers.

Joe Deraney and Jeronimo Esteve along with Scott Harvey, Doug Hanzel, and Bob Royak will be attempting to defeat the West this year. They also hope to claim what they were so close to having two-years ago. Both seniors and young guns amateurs are the strength of the East team.

In the 2020 Matches, Royak and Hanzel were both 4-0-0. They now have a more complete lineup with the addition Golfweek’s No. 1 ranked senior amateur Rusty Strawn. The East’s stable talent includes Alabama’s Nick Dunlap, and Tennessee’s Caleb Surratt.

Dunlap was Golfweek’s No. Dunlap was the No. 1 ranked recruit in 2022’s class, and the 2021 AJGA Boys golfer of the year. Surratt currently ranks No. Surratt is currently ranked No. 15 in WAGR. He also holds the U.S. 2022 title. Junior Amateur runner-up.

You might be wondering who is running the East stable. Nathaniel Crosby, a two-time Walker Cup captain.

Although the East has produced some big guns, will they be able redeemed themselves in 2020 after such a disappointing end?

The future will be interesting and, if there is one thing we have learned from the first East West Matches we are certain that anything could happen in three days at Maridoe Golf Club.

Full List


East: Andrew Bailey, Evan Beck, Chip Brooke, Mark Costanza, Joe Deraney, Jeronimo Esteve, Scott Harvey, Matt Mattare, Tug Maude, Chad Wilfong

West: Jason Anthony, Skip Berkmeyer, Denny Bull, Derek Busby, Patrick Christovich, Nick Guyer, Colby Harwell, John Hunter, Brad Nurski, John Swain

Senior Amateurs

East: Doug Hanzel and Steve Harwell, Billy Mitchell, Bob Royaks, Rusty Strawns, Matt Sughrue

West: Tommy Brennan, Jon Brown, Robert Funk, John McClure, Mike McCoy, Mike Rowley


East: Nick Dunlap (Alabama) & Caleb Surratt (Tennessee)

West: Derek Hitchner (Pepperdine) & Luke Potter (Arizona State)

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