Tiger: We don’t need Saudi money right now but ultimately we would like PIF to be part of our Tour

Feb, 2024

In Tiger Woods pre-tournament press conference for the Genesis Invitational, he touched on many topics including a potential deal between the PGA Tour and the PIF.

The PGA Tour received roughly 1.1 billion dollars from the Strategic Sports Group which also includes a possibility for a future “co-investment” from the Saudi PIF, but according to Woods, the Tour may no longer need that additional investment.

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“Financially, we don’t right now, and the monies that they have come to the table with and what we initially had agreed to in the framework agreement, those are all the same numbers.

“Anything beyond this is going to be obviously over and above.”

Woods added that while the PGA Tour doesn’t necessarily need the additional investment, they are still open to dealing with the PIF and negotiations are ongoing.

“Ultimately we would like to have PIF be a part of our tour and a part of our product.”

When asked if he knew what the PIF’s ultimate goal was, he said “yes and no”.

“From what their representatives have discussed with us, yes and no, because that changes and that evolves from a few months ago to what it is currently now.

“I don’t know if it’s good or bad, it’s an ongoing, fluid process.”

Since LIV’s inception, Woods has been one of the more outspoken players against the PIF’s involvment with professional golf in the United States, and voted in favor of the deal with SSG.

“The consortium that they have at SSG, the partners that have come together to be a part of this group is quite remarkable to be honest with you in the sports industry,” Woods said.

“They’re unbelievable leaders. At the time that we need great leadership going forward, I think this elicits that.”

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