TimberTech Championship: Harrington’s second round 67 is a testament of perseverance

Nov, 2022

BOCA RATON (Fla.) — Padraig Hrrington might have shot the best 67s in PGA Tour Champions history Saturday.

The second round of TimberTech Championship began with a huge, fat 8.

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Harrington stated that his triple bogey on Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club’s par-5 first hole was a “good 8”.

He isn’t lying.

His tee shot was too far left. His second tee shot should not have been left to the left.

He said, “I had a lucky break.” My third shot was out of bounds but it hit a tree and then hit a fence. It was within bounds by one inch. The next shot had to be hit left-handed and it went behind a tree.

With his fifth shot, he went for the green. The ball landed in the water just in front of the green. He missed his seventh shot at 6 feet, and he one-putted for the “good”.

What now?

Harrington stated, “After that it turned into practice rounds.” “When you feel the tournament is over, I reset it and let’s get the game ready for next week.”

Most pros would have mailed the 17th hole. Harrington is different. He is more difficult than an IRS agent.

To get the three shots back, he birdied the fifth and sixth holes and the ninth to make it even. He retaliated on the par 5s of the back nine by making eagles at both the 13th hole and the 18th, as well as a birdie on the 16th.

It’s no surprise that Harrington completed his comeback round with style. He landed a bunker shot at 18th for an eagle. It was a stark contrast to his poor start.

Harrington was once a man who couldn’t get to the first tee. Sound familiar? — to playing his 17th hole in 8 under.

He is six shots behind Bernhard Langer, an ageless golfer who shot a 63 on Saturday. The Irishman has no chance of winning the TimberTech Championship.

However, Harrington’s performance on Saturday earned him a lot of respect from his peers, particularly at a course where he is unsure.

He said, “I find the course extremely difficult.” “I am swinging in a straightjacket out there. I wish I had more confidence playing this course. It was difficult to get off the first green. It’s not fun.

Because Steven Alker, TimberTech Championship defending champion, was unable to stop Harrington from winning his first Charles Schwab Cup, the 67 was significant. Harrington started this week in second position in the standings. To win the CSC, he must earn $375,000 more that Alker in the two playoff events.

Alker is tied for fourth place following a 68 Saturday. He can win the title with a second-place finish or better. Harrington’s remarkable recovery saw him tied for ninth place with Alker.

You’re implying that he has a chance?

Harrington stated, “Look, 5 under is better than 3-over par.” “It gives you a chance if you can shoot a good one tomorrow.”

Harrington was asked about his pride in having 67 years of experience, given the fact that it was his first.

He said, “Doesn’t always turn around like this, but anyone who knows me will know that when bad situations happen to me, they dig deeper.”

It was almost as if he carried an excavator with him.


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