Ting-Hsuan Huang’s odds of winning the AIG Women’s Open in 2023

Aug, 2023

Ting-Hsuan will be one of the players who tee off between August 10-12, at the AIG Women’s Open held in Surrey, GBR.

If you want to bet on Huang at this week’s tournament, there are many betting markets available.

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AIG Women’s Open Details, Info and Details

  • Date: 10-12 August 2023
  • Course: Walton Heath Golf Club
  • Location : Surrey (GBR)
  • Previous Winner: Ashleigh Buhai

Watch the AIG Women’s Open

  • Thursday: USA Network
  • Friday: USA Network
  • Saturday: USA Network
  • Sunday: USA Network

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Huang’s odds of winning the AIG Women’s Open

The odds for Huang to win the AIG Women’s Open have been updated at +100000. If you bet $10 and she wins, you would get $10010.00.

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Huang’s betting options at AIG Women’s Open

There are many more golf betting markets available at sportsbooks, such as who will win the first round or if a player is cut or not. Sportsbooks offer odds for 3-ball matches (three players grouping together and teeing-off at the same time), as well as one-on-one matches, in every golf tournament. It’s not important who you pick, but rather who you think is going to play better.

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Huang recent performances

Huang did not finish in the Top 10 at any of the three events he participated in over the past 12 months.

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