Tour pro refutes sexist-elitist accusations after refusing the Australian Open for mixed mens/womens.

By Fly Pin High |
November 16, 2022

Scott Hend, an Australian pro-golfer, has never been afraid to let his feelings be known.

The Asian Tour winner at 49 is a strong believer in freedom of play. He stated in July that if there were qualifying stages for the LIV tour, he would sign up.

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He was cited for his comments regarding the Australian Open and the change that allows both the women’s and men’s championships to be played at the same venue.

Hend is returning home to play the Queensland PGA and the Australian PGA this week, but he has decided not to enter the country’s most prestigious event because he feels it diminishes the prestige.

Hend posted a tweet at the end October stating that he was called a “sexist elite” by some. He explained however that he just wants each event to have its “own week.”

Fox Sports has expanded the post of the 2016 Asian Order of Merit Winner via Fox Sports

“I believe the Australian Open to be a highly prestigious event. Both the women and men should have their own week at the event.

There’s nothing against women playing golf. It’s not about equal prize money. It’s about having a history of the event that shows both men and women have had their week off.

Hend said that this was all he had to say, and it’s what I believe. That being said, I haven’t entered to play. I’m not going to attempt to pre-qualify. I believe both men and women deserve their week to shine and stand out, not in a group.

“That’s just not what the Australian Open aims to be about.”

The women’s tournament was won by Jiyai Shin and Laura Davies.

Men’s winners include Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth as well as Cam Davies and Gary Player. Greg Norman is the current LIV CEO and has been a winner on five occasions.

It’s a big deal for a home player not to be playing in the event. Hend isn’t against mixing genders in other events but he will stick with this decision.

When asked if he had received an invitation, Hend said, “I didn’t ask, and I haven’t entered. I don’t want to be a hypocrite …..” Both sexes are entitled to their own week. I’m not sure why that isn’t Pro Women’s Golf em>

Hend will be playing at the Indonesian Masters as the Australian Open is taking place. He knows this part of the Asian Tour so well.

The irony of Norman not following Norman into the Victoria winner’s circle is apparent with the recent connections between the Asian Tour sponsors and their LIV sponsors. This is especially after Norman’s comments about leaving the DP World Tour in 2023.

He has decided enough is enough.

He said, “I’m done playing in Europe, I’m done dealing with politics, I’m done lying to players, and I’m done asking for a release whenever I want to play in other tournaments.”

“For 25 years, I’ve played wherever I want, when and how I want. I haven’t had to ask permission to go to another event.”

He said, “Now… If you want to play in another place you must get permission from the tour, or else they’ll sanction you. So if that’s going on, I don’t want be involved in that anymore.”

“I love to play golf. I don’t want permission to play .”

Hend is watching LIV’s arrival in Adelaide as part their 2023 schedule. Hend hopes to be able to qualify for the Asian Tour, which will bring in the cash-rich tour.

“I will be 50 in August.” “People say that I’m dead, but I have the ability to produce the results I know I can, and I could qualify for the Asian Tour.”

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