“Welcome To the 1950s” – Kings of Leon drummer fights for policy at bucket-list golf course

Oct, 2022

Nathan Followill, Kings of Leon drummer, has said to a Sydney “bucketlist” course that their “no tattoo policy” is “a hell of way to grow the game.”

Officials asked the 43-year old to follow the dress code before he entered the course. This meant that he had to cover up all his tattoos. He wasn’t happy with it.

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Followill vented on Twitter, claiming that the “bucket-list golf course just went onto the f**k list” and that it was more: “Welcome back to the 1950s and what a great way to grow the game.”

Followill continued to speak for a while and invited them to a Kings of Leon concert under one condition.

Before appeasing the committee

Comedy aside, it is generally believed that such rules are outdated and do not serve the sport well.

All summarized in one tweet by @KazLunn

More information from the 19th Hole


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