What a deal: Tony Finau’s wife ‘selling’ his clubs for 99 cents (and this made Tony LOL)

Feb, 2024

PACIFIC PALISADES, Calif. – Tony Finau’s golf clubs and Foresight launch monitor may be hitting the market for the grand sum of 99 cents.

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How can that be?

Well, it turns out Finau forgot to ask his wife, Alayna, to be his Valentine – and she’s none too happy about it, according to her social media post on TikTok on Monday.

“Apparently I need to ask,” Finau said on Tuesday on the range at Riviera Country Club ahead of this week’s Genesis Invitational.

In the post, Alayna showed a picture of the happy couple from their wedding day and wrote, “It’s Feb. 12 and he hasn’t asked me to be his Valentines yet … ” That was juxtaposed next to a picture of his golf bag and “Golf Clubs for sale, 99 cents. Hits far, thick grips, custom leather, head covers, Foresight launch monitor included.”

“For like 99 cents, can you believe it?” Finau said.

Tony and Alayna’s love story was featured in Season One of Netflix’s “Full Swing,” and she remains a tremendous follow on social media.

“I’m not on TikTok but yesterday one of the equipment reps said to me, ‘Your wife is so funny. I can’t believe she’s selling (your clubs) for 99 cents.’ I just went along with it and smiled but in my head I was thinking, ‘I don’t really know what he’s talking about,’” Tony recalled. “Then I went on Instagram and saw a post about it and I had a good laugh. It’s too funny.”

Tony said he would cook up something special to celebrate Valentine’s Day with his wife, who would be coming to town for the tournament this week.

Whatever you do to celebrate the occasion on Wednesday, make sure it doesn’t lead to your golf clubs being sold for less than a dollar.


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