Why Bryson de Chambeau refuses to quit the PGA Tour lawsuit

Oct, 2022

In August, eleven LIV Golf members sued the PGA Tour for antitrust violations. We’ve seen the majority of these players leave the suit over the last few months with three remaining.

Bryson de Chambeau, a former champion at the U.S. Open, is still a plaintiff in the suit.

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DeChambeau says, “It’s no about the money. It’s about principle.”

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DeChambeau placed fifth in the Tour’s Player Impact Program in 2021. He earned $3.5 million. Bryson claimed that DeChambeau has not yet received the second half of the payment, despite receiving the first in February.

DeChambeau shared his frustrations with the Tour while speaking to Mark Schlabach of ESPN.

DeChambeau stated that they told DeChambeau that because you aren’t in good standing, they wouldn’t allow you to do anything to help junior golfers and junior golfers. “To me, that’s childish. It only shows their emotional state. It is something I understand and respect. However, when they have completed something and provided entertainment last year, that’s why I am in the lawsuit .”

Bryson stated that he has had “frustrations” for six years with the PGA Tour.

“It’s been really frustrating over the past six years that [the PGA Tour] has had to deal with, it’s consistently frustration after frustrate of them not handling matters correctly.”

LIV Golf has been sued by the PGA Tour in a countersuit. The PGA Tour is responding to the lawsuit. All signs point to a long legal battle that will not end soon.

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