Will Zalatoris pleads for Tiger Woods’ selflessness

Oct, 2022

Will Zalatoris is the 2021 PGA Tour’s Rookie of The Year. He may be one the most exciting prospects in golfing, but he has the deepest respect for Tiger Woods and pleads with him to get in the damn car’ if it means a shot at playing with him.

Graham Bensinger was interviewed in depth about his world number 7 ranking. He is also a seven-time major top-10 finisher. Bensinger couldn’t stop talking about Tiger as his golfing idol.

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The 2022 FedEx St. Jude champion, who is currently ranked as the greatest player in the sport, says Tiger was the one who changed the game so dramatically that it is almost impossible to recognize it from just a few years back.

Zalatoris says, “15 years back, not everybody had trainers, sport psychologists, most people had just one coach.” But today, players can almost find a place on an on-site coach. Such is the need to be super-fit.

The 26-year old said that Tiger is built like a tight end. “He is..like..enormous. ….his upper body looks likehis body. He is just a huge human being.”

Zalatoris couldn’t hide his excitement when asked if he could imagine a day when he would play with the GOAT.

“I would love the opportunity to play with Tiger at least once before he retires.” He smiles throughout, saying that just to have the opportunity would be an incredible experience.

Tiger, despite his failures, is still considered the golfer who changed the game.

“He [Tiger] has the needle. He doesn’t move it. Ive seen him. He’s playing, and I’m like “Oh my gosh!” It’s crazy!

Zalatoris clearly loves Tiger and has seen firsthand how much he is loved by him. Bensinger tells him that he played for two days with Tiger at the PGA. “We had more people following our group so they could have a better view of Tiger rolling through!”

The host asks “What’s your chance of playing with him?”

Zalatoris responds, “That’s up to him.”

He can walk with great ease and still plays good golf, which is what amazes me. Tiger can have a cart if that’s what he wants, but you know that he won’t take it because that’s his nature. I am selfishly like “Get in the cart.” I want to play with you!

He tells Tiger,

You’ve proved people wrong countless time, getting back from injuries and I’m like: Get in the damn cart!”

Unfortunately, Will does not have his number and cannot text him to schedule a round. Tony Romo, however, is close friends with Will.

Zalatoris modestly states, “I don’t want to invade his space cos he has so much respect for what it did for me and he even doesn’t know me.”

“I laughed at the PGA this season, cos he stood on the tee, and he wasn’t even playing with anyone. I was going with another friend, and he said ‘Hey. Do you wanna play?’ I replied ‘Yeah.’

Zalatoris admitted that he didn’t say it but Tiger said, “You go Tiger, okay, I’m going.”

He regretted not asking and said that his friend had bizarrely turned Tiger down.

“What’s the matter with you?” I asked. I meant, “I respect your efforts to stay with me,” but it’s not mutual!

He recalled getting very close to Tiger at St. Andrews. Tiger came over and slapped him on the back.

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