Lynch: Phil Mickelson is leading the crybabies at LIV Golf in blaming other people for their situation

By Fly Pin High |
May 5, 2023

Mike Whan should take Phil Mickelson ‘s “dick move”, which is a similar insult, as a compliment and use it to prove that Mickelson has never won USGA competitions.

Mickelson attacked Whan to defend Talor Gooch. Mickelson believed that a change in the exemption criteria had unfairly discriminated him, and cost him an automatic place in next month’s U.S. Open. Mickelson has now stood up for someone who was treated badly by tournament rules. It is only a matter time before he steps in to protect those who may find themselves on the receiving end of his employer’s bonesaw.

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Gooch has developed a strong sense of injustice towards Talor Gooch. Last week, he complained about the Australian government taking a large amount of tax off his $4 million in winnings from the LIV golf event in Adelaide. This was a predictable complaint from someone who is known for having a flexible view of what he should be paying and to whom.

Gooch’s disappearing U.S. Open exclusion was deemed “retroactive” by Gooch. The USGA published Open criteria every year, and since no specifications had been previously announced for 2023, there can be no “retroactive” change, as any dictionary will tell you (it is right after “retribution”, which Gooch believes this to be).

As reality sets in, the tossing out of toys from the LIV crib has become a daily event.

Bryson deChambeau, who was in Singapore last week, criticized the world golf rankings as being “obsolete” while demanding that LIV be added to this outdated system. LIV does not receive ranking points as it has been non-compliant with many rules and regulations. It also stated that it will not become compliant. DeChambeau and Mickelson insist that the ranking system is flawed because it awards points to tours rather than individuals who are now playing in a closed circuit, where they are contractually protected against the consequences of bad play.

DeChambeau stated, “It is not right and I hope that people will see through it.” For late arrivals, DeChambeau is protesting against the denial ranking points and not human rights in the kingdom of his benefactor.

Talor, Phil Mickelson, and Dustin Johnson depart the 12th tee during a Masters practice round at Augusta National Golf Club. Mandatory Credit: Michael Madrid – USA TODAY Network

Lee Westwood, eager to stay on top of the victimhood stakes , was one of four players who resigned their DP World Tour memberships . This came after a British arbitral panel ruled the European Tour can sanction members for playing LIV events illegally. He also claims that rules are unfairly being applied against him.

“As a European Tour Member, I was able to join the PGA Tour for many years without any problems. “Tell me, what’s the difference?” Westwood asked the Telegraph. Just because LIV was funded by Saudi Arabia — a country in which my tour played and where we were encouraged?

Westwood confuses separate reasons for the LIV venture that upset people. Many fans, including many of Westwood’s own at one time, are concerned about where the money comes from. In this case, it is an autocrat who wants to use golf as a way to cover up his misdeeds. For those who run the PGA Tour or the DP World Tour it has always been about where the money goes – to a rival league. LIV is not a moral issue for them. It’s a commercial one.

Westwood leaves out this context when he states that there is no difference between signing up for a long-term contract with a circuit whose goal it is to replace the tours to which he professes loyalty. Westwood is not a fan of the strategic alliance that exists between DP World Tours and PGA Tours, which is based on the LIV threat.

He said: “I don’t wish to play in that kind of regime.” This was a very mature response from a man who had proudly declared he never read a single book. Ignorance is often worn with pride.

The desperation among some LIV players is growing as Greg Norman’s hollow claims crumble. Those who were fooled by the finger puppet with flaxen hair have money, yes, but they also don’t get to play on the PGA Tour. They can’t cherry-pick the DP World Tour either, nor do they receive ranking points. The British arbitration panel’s decision and the federal court ruling in Northern California has left LIV players stranded on a desert island. This is a fact that even the most ignorant of them must have realised (it might take Pat Perez a little longer).

This is why they are increasingly complaining about their access, ranking points and all sorts of alleged conspiracies. This is the characteristic of LIV, and those who feed off it: the legitimacy or otherwise of any institution depends on how it treats them, whether through rankings, regulations, or elections.

It is inevitable that the crybaby routine will grow louder, in hopes that a spineless executive from industry will act as a calmer and ensure that LIV’s demands are met. It might work. Men in golf’s upper echelon are not short of men who will happily peel off Saudi Riyals for their beleaguered organisations under the pretense of bringing peace between warring factions. The LIV players’ arguments are little more that whimpering from those who have made a choice they cannot live with.

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